Kuala Lumpur Festival

Chinese New Year
Annual Lunar New Year Spring Festival is the biggest festival of Malaysian Chinese, crowded, everywhere decorated, drums, dragon and lion dances. New Year's Eve fireworks will be fired rang, friends door New Year, sharing food, payment envelopes. Prime Minister and his wife, as well as government staff will personally come to congratulate.


October-November each year, the first 15 days after the full moon day of the moon invisible, is Indian New Year. Hindus will bathe early in the morning, the body painted with ginger oil, put on new clothes, with flowers ritual. India temple packed with believers worship to God, pray for happiness.

Every year in late January to early February of Thaipusam, a devout Hindu atonement, sacrifice and thanksgiving festival. Ritual includes barber, practices, swallow fire, etc., a series of activities will continue for 24 hours. This day is the most popular places in Batu Caves, a large number of devout Hindus bear statues, singing religious hymns procession entered the cave shrine.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Every September, the Islamic calendar, Muslims in Malaysia should implement daytime fasting, Ramadan is the first day after Eid. Morning, Muslims will pray in the church held a grand ceremony to congratulate each other. Family reunion, friends and family friends visit each other, compliments of the season.


Buddha Festival
25 May every year is the birthday of Sakyamuni Buddha is Buddha achieved enlightenment and passed away the day. Morning, all Buddhists incense, worship, chanting, everyone vegetarian, every household lit oil lamps.

National Day
August 31, 1957 the Federation of Malaya in the days of independence within the Commonwealth, also known as "Independence Day." On this day, will be held in Kuala Lumpur, parade, grand parade and the performances will celebrate the National Day of the atmosphere gradually to a climax.