Malaysia Customs


1. The Malays are warm, courteous, generous, exquisite manners of the nation. It should be noted in the Malaysian Jiazhongzuoke manners , respect for elders. If both parties are Muslims , both sides use the Islamic greeting specific greeting. When the door , unless the owner's permission , guests must put shoes off at the door or stairs, before the house. Entering the house , two sides should greet each other and shake hands , shaking hands with both hands just touch it, then put his hand on the forehead to show sincerity .

2. When there are other guests found the house , but it must be passed in front of them , it must slightly bowed his head , and said: "I'm sorry , please excuse me " , and later went to his place . Can not cross legs sitting on a chair , especially in front of the elderly should not so , the woman should be close together and feet , the performance was even more elegant . If you sat on the floor cross-legged best man , the woman will have knelt , not straight legs.

3. The owner put drinks , snacks entertain guests, the guests if the decline , but the owner will not be happy . Guests go , they should leave the owner , the owner usually send the guests outside . In the evening to visit is undesirable , because when Muslims do pray at night to visit should normally be at 8:30 later . Malaysian meal hand feeding habits , and thus should wash your hands before a meal , the meal must be right , otherwise it will be considered impolite . Had to use his left hand as a meal or take tableware, should first apologize to others . Meal, generally do not sit on a chair , but the food on the mat , sitting and eating , sitting cross-legged man , a woman kneeling , the body slightly to the right side . The older women like men sitting cross-legged . Islamic believers alcohol, generally do not entertain guests wine, drink mostly tea , boiled water or coconut milk . Malaysian and betel nut chewing habit , have guests visit , the owner in addition to warm greeting , the first attentive to the guests and expressed sincere offer betel nut plate etiquette is to please guests of betel nut chewing .

4. Malaysian, as the left hand is unclean , so shake hands , be sure to use the right hand , usually connected , handed things , you must also use the right hand and not just use the left hand, with his left hand is rude. Had to use his left hand in , be sure to say voice: "I'm sorry ."

5. Malaysian think the index finger of a person is an insult to human , so not to use the index finger of a person .

6. The ladies can not claim first hand shake .

7. The head is considered sacred site, in close when children can not touch his head, otherwise it will cause unhappiness.

8. When you and Muslims sharing meals , do not urge somebody to drink , do you want to avoid points pork dishes .

9. Malaysian do not like people to ask their age. If you ask older is considered impolite .

10. Malaysia does not prohibit polygamy , so do not just chat to others chores . The elderly can not refer to " you" , but to say "sir ", " lady" or "Lady ."