Travel tips

Over the past few years, so-called Xin Matai tour, like the McDonald's fast-food culture, like so many travelers miss the hidden places of interest after the surprise and fun. If you're deep into the local community, you will find completely different from other Southeast Asian countries Malaysia.

Backpacking to Malaysia is also very quick and easy, more than many people imagine. There are many local Chinese, Mandarin and Cantonese can be generic, very suitable for the first time to go abroad, try backpack backpacking novice. Even without a good basis for foreign languages ​​and foreign travel experience, as long as planned and you can have fun, be safe. These benefited from Malaysia's rich culture, natural scenery, low consumption and many overseas Chinese.


You can take the bus one stop to stop playing in the past, or simply rental car. Malaysia, there is a magic to soothe your senses skills, here orderly, kaleidoscopic scenery ...... from extremely beautiful islands and mountains, to verdant forests and across the intervening tropical jungles, most residents have a leisurely life to be added.

Stroll the streets of Kuala Lumpur and enjoy the taste of Southeast Asian Islamic style building
British colonists from Moorish and Mughal architecture was inspired as a Kuala Lumpur colonial style. In recent years, Muslim Malaysians also have their own ideas, they will be more in the construction of traditional Malay culture and Islamic art and culture blend together to form their own unique regional style. Islamic Art Museum, National Mosque, the National Grand Theatre and Meida Ya no meters, the National Library of Malaysia is an example of this style.

Twin tower overlooking the city

Kuala Lumpur is the most famous example of the architecture designed by the Argentine designer Cesar Pelli built twin towers, also known as the Petronas Twin Towers. Floor twin towers on the ground plane is an octagonal star pattern, octagonal painted above symmetrical arabesque vine pattern. Petronas Twin Towers also reflects the architectural style of the local far-reaching impact of Islam. The five levels of the twin towers represent the five tenets of Islam, while the top of the tower 63 meters high mast to make people think of Islam and Islamic crescent minarets hold out. Plus decorative tower reveals a bit of Arab customs, which should be regarded as traditional and modern building in Kuala Lumpur representative of it.

Walking Tour of Chinatown
Malaysia's Chinatown called Petaling Street (Petaling Street), located in the city center, within walking distance to the city center, the administrative center Independence Square. Kuala Lumpur is the most crowds bustling place. This collection of speaking in different languages ​​every color of the tourists, everyone seems to never get lost in Chinatown boundaries of the market, or curiosity, or Taobao, reluctant to leave.

Kuala Lumpur taste buds a new experience
Malaysians soft spot for eating, eating is one of the themes of everyday life eternal. You can drink a cup of morning called Kopi of sweetened condensed milk and coffee, at noon to a Char Kway Teow, roadside stalls at night with a local family and enjoy Indian salad, Malay or Chinese rice dessert. Bak Kut pepper and oyster omelets are very good tapas oh.
Around Kuala Lumpur: Genting Highlands

Highland Malaysia newly developed tourism and summer resort, also called "Ren Zhen plateau", due to misty mountains, it is like being pregnant in the mountains on the cloud experience, so the name is changed. The Genting casino is the best in Asia.



Here overlapping mountains, forest green, lush flowers, fresh air and pleasant. There samba mountains east west, friends Bou Hill, Mountain Road roundabout. Genting group of buildings at an altitude of 1772 meters birds Luka Li Shan, in the clouds like a sea of ​​clouds surround the Penglai Pavilion in, and as a mirage. Here you can enjoy the wonders of the vagaries of the sea of ​​clouds. Blue skies, the vast field of vision, night of the Western views of Kuala Lumpur brilliant lights; Lingchen Dong Tiao, clouds dawn, very brilliant.

Kuala Lumpur to Genting urban transportation is very convenient.
A taxi. A taxi from downtown Kuala Lumpur to Genting casino about 200 ringgit.
2, public transport
At the airport take the green metro KLIA Express ERL to downtown KL Sentral Station, then bus from KL Sentral Station to Genting Genting Skyway Station, and then take the cable car up to Genting Highlands, the entire package price of RM 42 / person.
Genting KLIA airport ticket counters: KLIA Main Terminal 3 building, Burger King hamburger fast food shop front.
KLIA Airport take the green light rail to KL Sentral: about 28 minutes (last bus: midnight 1:00)
KL Central station, take a bus to Genting Genting Skyway Station: about 1 hour and a half (last bus: 19:00)
Cable car up to Genting Highlands: about 15 minutes (last bus: 23:00)
As sent from KL Central Genting Skyway station is the last train 19:00, so from the airport to Genting, it must ensure that before this arrived KL Central.

Tip: AirAsia LCCT LCCT is no direct bus to Genting. You must be at the airport to take the red bus SKYBUS Central KL SENTRAL. Lcct the Sky Bus is red, 9 yuan, while yellow is the star shuttle, 8 million are LCCT airport shuttle and Central KL SENTRAL bus between the airport, the biggest difference is the frequency of relatively dense red, yellow is also good.