Kuala Lumpur Food Overview

Kuala Lumpur, a world-famous gourmet paradise, where you can enjoy cuisine from around the world, such as Chinese, Indian and Portuguese specialty dishes everywhere, and an array of food and drinks, mouth-watering, unable to stop.

Travel to Kuala Lumpur is natural to sample authentic Malay cuisine and local snacks, Malaysian staple food to rice and mulberry cake based, then add vegetables, onion, garlic, ginger, spices species, small dried fish, etc., is a comparison a hearty meal. Malay dishes are mainly to cattle, chicken and fish-based materials, plus cooked with peppers and onions, the taste is more spicy, different regions have slightly different cooking methods. Malaysia's famous home-cooked meals are: Satay, sour shrimp, coconut rice, rojak, hot and sour fish, with its unique taste, but also won travelers love.

For a list of places for best food in Kuala Lumpur areas, we had listed here for your references. Do check out always.